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Melanotanning – Melanotanning Sun Tan Range

Welcome to Melanotanning

Melano Tanning is proud to announce the launch of its new Sun Tan range of products. With Melano Tanning you can have a perfectly natural tan in just a few days.

So, if you are tired of those harmful sunbeds and streaky self tan lotions, we have the perfectly safe solution for you right here in our range!

Our brand new Melano Tanning nasal spray containing Malanotan 11 guarantees a safe and natural looking sun tan in only a few days. The SPF tanning oils and sunblock protects your skin whilst also moisturizing it. And, to top this all off we have a shimmering lotion that will give your skin a beautiful and glamorous glow.

Melanotanning now Partners with Secret Wonders Hair and Beauty Spa

The secret to exclusive Non- Surgical Body & Mind transformation. From top to toe we’ll make you glow! Buy 2 Melanotan Nasalspray’s and get a R100 Spa voucher free!!