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Press Release – Melanotanning

Press Release


02 December 2010

MELANOTANNING REGISTRATION NUMBER 2011/005884/23 Act as distributor and Marketer of Melanotan 11 (MT2)

MELANOTANNING has taken all reasonable precautions to ensure that a quality product is put at the disposal of its clients. MT2 is not a drug and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, in particular dermatological ailments. MT2 is available on the international market and is widely used with excellent results. MT2 is a genetic peptide and thus not controlled by any drug conventions. (Including Europe and South Africa)

Active marketing and research of our product has continued and we continuously monitor many of our clients’ use and results. Many of our clients informed us of their successful use and positive results achieved by using our product. We had no complaints or mention of any other side effects in regard to our product. Nor has any negative medical proof or side effects been submitted or made mention of.

Many of our clients include Medical Board Registered Doctors practicing medicines in South Africa and Europe.

Our product, MELANOTANNING, was developed to stimulate Melanocytes to produce more Melanin (Pigment) without the need for excessive UV Exposure. Should our clients wish to discontinue use of our product, the cycle can be ended at any stage without any side effects.