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Testimonials – Melanotanning


I have started using the new Melanotan nasalspray in the beginning of April 2011. I have a very fair skin and when going into the sun or sunbed I go red and itch. Since using this incredible product my life changed. I now have a nice even brown tan all over. I started seeing results within the second week of use. I had absolutely no negative side effects. I love this product and will never go on the sunbed or use selftan lotions again. I will advise for any person to try out this magnificent product.

Anzel Venter

I’ve used Melanotan injectable for the last 5 years and it’s a wonderful product. I could see results within 7 days the first time i used it. After that I maintained weekly and now when i use it i get a beautiful tan within days. I did experience a bit of nausea the first time, but now my body is used to the product. If i want to be tanned quickly i just inject 10 units in my stomach and then get in the sun for about ten minutes and i can already see results instantly. I must admit i was a bit scared at first but it takes pain to be beautiful! I can recommend the product to anyone who want to tan without the sun!

Kirstie Hattingh - Johannesburg